Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GhanaCiti?

·       A group of individuals supporting NGO's and Investment Groups to fund and manage development projects in Ghana.

·       Group provides expert appraisal of viable projects for execution. An on line review and approval from individual contributors and investors will be undertaken before the project will be listed on the Ghanaciti website.

·       Each individual contributor or investor will decide when and how much to contribute or invest in any of the development projects

·       GhanaCiti keeps track of members contributions and provides accounting and reporting services for members on line.

·       All members of Ghanaciti are equal partners and can submit viable projects for evaluation, appraisal and implementation.

What are the benefits of members?

·      Members review and approve new listings on Ghanaciti Website

·      Member qualifies to be selected to represent Ghanaciti on the Board of Directors of all listed organizations / companies listed on GhanaCiti Website

How can I join Ghanaciti?

·      Click on the Login icon

·      Click on "Create Logon ID"

·      Complete the "User Registration" form

·      Check your email for an activation link mail

·      Activate your Login ID

·      Logon to the site with your username / password